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“I wrote a song called ‘Red’ and thinking about what that song means to me and all the different emotions on this album they’re all pretty much about the tumultuous, crazy, insane, intense, semi-toxic relationships I’ve experienced in the last two years. All those emotions fanning from intense love, intense frustration, intense jealousy, confusion, all of that in my mind, all those emotions are red. There’s nothing in between, there’s nothing beige about those feelings and so I called my record that.”

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“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always ourselves we find in the sea”- E.E Cummings

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“I think some people think it’s just apple pie and sunshine and sprinkles and ponies. Which is just funny. But I never feel the need to go out and make some grand statement that I’m dark and twisty and complicated, because I’m not that either. It’s just not as simple as ponies and rainbows, though I do love ponies and rainbows.”
— Taylor Swift on her public image (x)

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“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always ourselves we find in the sea”- E.E Cummings

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when you peel a sticker off something and it does the thing


the thing

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I push everyone away but in a way I’m doing them a favor

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The Hunger Games Trilogy

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“Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.”
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